Starting off in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is by no means an easy task. To make the matter even more difficult, you have a million different sites screaming at you, all promising to provide the best tools, tips and training. Take a break from the chaos, and read the following. It will help you launch yourself into the world of SEO. For more SEO lessons, you should visit Moz, and Moz Twitter with more recent updates.

Study Your Niche

Although you could opt for something you know is popular, that niche may be too competitive, especially for you as a beginner. Your best bet is to choose a niche that involves something you’re already familiar with; preferably something you have experience with. That way, you’re an expert, right out of the gate. Study the niche further, by identifying specific problems and solutions you can feature your products and services.

Build A Website

There are literally billions of sites online, so don’t take the task of building yours lightly. Make it clean and simple, but make sure every element is effective for its intended purpose. Keep the layout easy for the eyes to follow and use subtle colors that don’t overwhelm. Even though you want your site to stand out, you don’t want it to be loud or flashy. Consider, too, that it must load fast on desktop and mobile.

Optimize Your Site

Your site will be crawled by search engine spiders. Thus, you must present it to them in the most efficient manner. Have a sitemap, which explains everything on your pages, and know how to use keywords and tags so they accurately represent your content and purpose. There are various tools that can help you optimize, such as popular plugins and widgets. Although you can optimize your site on your own, we advise you to use Eagle Genius SEO service for optimization instead. You can also follow them on facebook, or yelp – eagle genius for discounts.

Analyze Your Results

After you’ve built and tested your site, publish it. You might see good results initially, but they might quickly fall off. You might discover your pages are being found, but that visitors aren’t spending much time on them. Analyze your results and be willing to make the necessary alterations that will improve the experience for the visitors and therefore, keep them on your pages longer.

Tweak As Needed

Since the main objective of your site is to capture people’s attention and get them to take some specific action, such as buying something from you or providing their email address, it will be necessary for you to tweak the site as needed. Although you don’t want to enact major changes, you do want to adapt your strategy to encompass all the basic SEO tactics that will help you succeed. For example, if people are clicking away from your content quickly, make it juicier, more interesting and offer more helpful information in it. From your analyses, you should be able to determine what changes need to be made.

SEO can get very complicated and very expensive, depending on who you talk to. However, if you have a fundamental understanding of how it works and what you should be doing, you should be able to work (and spend) at you own pace, while still succeeding. Sometimes, the complications and expenses aren’t all that necessary, but you’ll figure that out.